Growing up it was obvious that Silvana Ambar was destined to paint. Her artistic inclinations were evident from early on. Silvana attended one of Armenia’s most recognized and prestigious art institutions, Terlemezian’s Art college highly competitive college. The work of Silvana has been exhibited extensively in a Yerevan, Armenia. Numerous awards have been dedicated on behalf of her landscape and still life paintings. These works of art have been displayed in numerous regional and national exhibitions in such locations as Armenia, Georgia, Russia, and Europe. Silvana’s career as an artist continued when in 1984 she decided to continue her studies at Yerevan’s University of Architecture. It was here that she received her Masters Degree in Architecture. With the completion of her degree and previous experiences that her skills as a fine artist were more defined. Shortly thereafter Silvana applied her expertise and talent when she embarked upon the animation industry. As a Background Artist, she designed and created the scenery and backdrop for various films.

In 1994 Silvana moved to the United States in order to continue her profession and passion as a full-time artist. Silvana has had a long and successful career creating visual art for the entertainment industry in animation. Of the many great experiences she has had, several of those include working for Walt Disney Studios, GGE Entertainment, Crest Animation Studio,  Starz media,  Warner Brothers Studio, Cartoon Network Animation Studio, Hyperion, Klasky Csupo, Nickelodeon Studios, and RGH Entertainment. Although her experiences had been great, she ultimately became fascinated by the beautiful Californian landscape and decided to become a Plain Air Painter.

"Painting is the means I use to describe the beauty in the world that I see. Landscape painting is a very playful and active process for me. I work with shape, form, light, and texture in order to achieve a connection with my subject. I try to capture a moment in which all these elements come together to a point of balance and harmony. My painting process is very active. My first marks and impressions are usually quiet and deliberate strokes. My landscapes are not only a place for the eye to rest but also the spirit. They are meant to be a break from all that is loud and fast and artificial a sanctuary where one can go. A place is still and perhaps come away from a little more at peace; a little more connected to the heart of their own wild nature."

My painting style is impressionistic. I feel it is the best way to show light and shadow. I paint nature because it intrigues me. Nature is ever changing and a painting snaps a moment in time. It is up to me as the artist to capture that moment for you. I believe that an artist lives in the present and that I should paint for today. The land and people will change, but I believe in my gift to paint that which, in my lifetime, is important to me. My hope is that when you view my work, you will see the awe by which I was struck in each scene I have painted.